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High End CBD Jewelry

poison ring

CBD JewelryIf you have the passion to love, adore, and inspire, then the unique designs and different types of CBD are available in the market. This is the surest way to show off your love for the green plants. So today we will discuss some gorgeous designs of CBD jewelry products, including Sativa earrings and the poison ring.

Cannabis charm bracelet:
Gold CBD Charm bracelet is the perfect choice for the CBD jewelry queens. It is available in the leafy design and is made up of 14K Rose gold. This can be a perfect thing to give as a gift as it is packed in a very charming box that doubles its beauty.

Poison ring
This ring is antique designed jewelry. Its use is found in ancient Europe. If you are in search of traditional rings, you can choose the poison ring. Why is it called a poison ring? There is a mini secret type container inside the ring that is unidentifiable, ancient people of Europe were used to place poison in that small area. If you are having a CBD type Capsule, you can easily keep it in the secret area.

Flower as a ring:
It is available in the market with three different variants, gold, silver, and platinum. It looks as if you are keeping a golden or silver nag on your finger. It is a good option for smart and skinny girls.

3 sweet leaf anklet
Are you fed up with similar designs? Then choose the 3 sweet leaf anklets. It is an awesome piece of jewelry by Jacquie Aiche. It is not only available in the 14K rose gold and white gold but also white gold as well.

poison ring Locket mill
This charming and precious locket mil is available in a 18K Gold Vermeil as well as in Black Rhodium. If you want to keep your bud close by, then this is a perfect choice. Its design is made by the ASCHE industries.


Sativa earrings
If you want to showcase your true charm towards CBD jewelry, then these delightful CBD earrings are for you. They are made up of breathtaking designs of silver cable chains that will hold your ear lobes so delicately. You can buy sterling type silver chains to further beautify your appearance. You can look very prominent in the parties and public if you use these soft earrings.

poison ringStoned type circle necklace
It is for the High Society Collection. So if you are going to attend some big event, you should spend money on buying jewelry like this. It will hold on your neck and will give you the stunning look. You can easily enhance your beauty by just conveniently wearing this necklace.

Double sweet leaf wrap ring
If you are upset because you are unable to find the ring of your size, here is the solution. Go for this high-end CBD jewelry product. It is available in white, rose as well as yellow gold. Now you have the list of amazing products. Choose your favorite piece.

Marc Jacobs’ Secret Stash Ring

secret compartment jewelry

stash ringAmong celebrities, some vibrant talents have the knack for invention and creativity. Several designers have patents on the most amazing works of art you can imagine. This discovery leads us to understand what patented literature is, and some famous persons who have licenses for their creations. Marc Jacobs is a celebrity designer. He creates couture clothing under his Marc Jacobs line. Jacobs also designs mainstream fashion pieces for his line ‘Marc by Marc Jacobs’. Jacobs has yet another designer line under which he creates handbags, shoes, and purses. This line is called Marc by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs holds several patents for all his creati0ns, most of them being exclusive designs. However, his more complex and intricate pieces have a non-design patent.

Meet the Secret Stash Ring 
Marc Jacobs is the inventor of the secret compartment jewelry. This ring is created with compartments where the owners can hide things.  His current invention is a stash ring that has several hidden compartments to conceal small objects. This ring has many compartments and contains inner and outer parts that rotate in the opposite direction. Inside the ring are several nooks and spaces where people can store articles. These nooks can only be accessed when you remove the ring and rotate the parts to opposite directions until they reach alignment and reveal the secret compartments.

Why did Jacobs create the secret compartment jewelry?
It is essential to know about Marc Jacobs’ invention because it is not the first-ever of his kind. We had secret compartment jewelry in the past, but the old models were hardly suitable enough. The compartments were easy to discover as there wasn’t much creativity employed to keep them secret.  Marc Jacobs had a more creative idea for his stash rings. He planned to create a ring that can hold precious items comfortably. The downside to the previously created stash rings is that you could not store valuables such as diamonds and other small valuables. Also, from an outward inspection, it is easy to notice a hidden compartment that can also be opened with the ring on your finger.

stash ringIn a bid to correct and improve on these limitations to previous secret compartment jewelry, Jacobs created designer jewelry that also served as a safe to store valuables. An article in the Los Angeles Times speaks of Jacobs’ creation called the Rattle Ring. He created the design primarily to store loose gems, making it possible for celebrities such as Debbie Harry to carry extra ice around.

What more does Marc Jacobs’ Secret Stash ring need?
For people to store their valuables in this stash ring, customers will need a little more security from the ring. Opinions are that Jacobs should include extra protection seeing as people can access these compartments by merely rotating the closings. Additional security options like a combination code, fingerprint identification, or even a retina eye-scan.

No amount of security would be too much if people are going to put expensive and valuable items in their secret stash rings.

A look inside the world of secret jewelry

secret compartment jewelry

poison ringsThere are so many secrets all around us, even hidden in everyday objects. People have secret drawers hidden in their tables and dressers. They hide things of value inside holes cut in book pages. Some people might go as far as having a secret basement in their house. Jewelry can keep a secret just as well as anything else, and it is much less suspicious. Jewelry like this allows the wearer to show off the perfect accessory that just so happens to be functional as well. Secret compartment jewelry has been around for a long time and they have been used for both good and bad reasons. Perfumes, locks of hair, and ashes of loved ones have been stored in different types of memento jewelry like “funeral” rings. On the other hand, poison rings have a hollowed-out space on the inside where people would store poison with which they would use to kill their enemies.

Queen Elizabeth I wore a locket ring all the time. After she died, the ring was opened, and they found out it contained a picture of herself and the woman thought to be her mother Anne Boleyn. Throughout the years following this, especially during the Civil War, secret jewelry was worn to represent love and protection. This was especially true for those who kept personal objects belonging to a loved one who was off at war hidden in their jewelry. This type of jewelry had real sentimental value for many people. Before the 1930s, many people found it rude to check their watches in public. It implied that they were in a hurry and did not want to stay around any longer. To help solve this problem, jewelers started making secret watches with fashionable covers that protected the dial. These watches looked like a normal bracelet, but they offered women the ability to wear a watch in secret so no one would find them rude.

Some of the most well-known pieces of secret jewelry were created by the House of Fabergé in Russia. The first Fabergé egg, created in 1885, was made for Alexander III, as an anniversary surprise for his wife. Inside the egg was a solid gold yolk, and under that was a golden hen with rubies for eyes. The hen hid a chain necklace with a ruby pendant and a replica of the imperial crown made with diamonds and gold.

Over fifty more eggs were made after this one and they all contained different hidden treasures, such as portraits or spring flowers with diamonds. Fabergé has also created many smaller egg-shaped pendants with unique surprises found in each one. Today, more and more jewelers are learning about this idea of secret jewelry, and they want to make their own mark in this type of jewelry. Some of the most popular brands like Chanel, Boucheron, and Dior all have beautiful jewelry that contains their own hidden secrets, such as a concealed watch.

secret compartment jewelryJade Jagger has a necklace with a bullet pendant that can store small personal items. Brandes makes two different rings. One portrays a taxi on the outside and a person hailing a taxi on the inside. The other shows an elephant on the outside and a man being crushed on the inside. The outside of the Juana pendant is a simple heart, but the inside shows a skull with rubies for eyes. Chanel has taken watches to a new level by hiding them in pendants hanging from a string of pearls. This unique piece of jewelry can work for any personality or style as it can easily transform into a bracelet as well. It can be dressed up or dressed down, but no matter what, it always looks good and you can always check the time.

The Italian jeweler Giampiero Bodino has also decided to make concealed watches. For the first collection, they created a whole series of timepieces. They hid the dials under several rows of diamonds to make sure people knew that, ultimately, they were bracelets. The goal was for no one to have any idea that the bracelet contained a hidden watch underneath the diamonds. Another watch has a rose made up of white and pink diamonds on top of the strap, which is also made of diamonds.

Pushing on a rosebud makes the flower open up to show the watch dial. People want jewelry that serves a function, aside from making a fashion statement. Many people in the last few years have purchased smartwatches because of the variety of functions they offer. Users can check the time, text, listen to music, and check their heart rate all from one piece of jewelry. Still, many others prefer a normal watch. If their watch can also serve as a unique piece of jewelry, that is an added bonus.

secret compartment jewelryIt is thought that people enjoy secret compartment jewelry so much because it is like opening a gift every time they wear it. When someone receives a gift, they are excited because they do not know what is inside. They have to unwrap the gift to find the surprise. With this type of jewelry and watch, the same idea is true. The real treasure is hidden where no one can see it, and only the owner knows about it.

Secret compartment jewelry offers a unique personal touch to any piece of jewelry. Although these pieces look beautiful on the outside, it is what it is hidden on the inside that make them truly special. Jewelry such as lockets and poison rings have been around for centuries, and there is no sign that these will go out of style any time soon. Every person has a unique reason for theirs, and it is hard to match that kind of sentimental value.

Theo Fennells Opening Rings

secret compartment jewelry

secret compartment jewelryIn truth, secret compartments jewelries are not a new trend and have served various purposes in earlier times, a hidden compartment could be a memento box for keeping properties and memories of loved ones like their ash, their perfumes, or smaller pictures. Secret compartment jewelry also served sinister motives; most tyrants used compartment rings and jewelry to hide poisons when they planned to poison their enemies.

The Theo Fennel story
Theo Fennel is an international jewelry manufacturing and retailing company. They manufacture virtually all styles of rings from oval, stacked, custom rings, secret compartment jewelry, and opening rings. Their products guided by their 40 years of experience are embodiments of their mission statements which states that

“..We want the thought and care we put into our designs to shine through to our products…”

Opening Rings for you
Here below are ranging examples of opening rings you can try from Theo Fennels:

Black Diamond Opening Night Ring
The black opening diamond ring mystifies with a 0.82 cut diamond featured on top of an opening compartment, surrounded by 0.82-carat pave ruby & 1.21carat pave diamond placed on a 24 carat yellow gold.

You can purchase this beautiful piece for £ 35,000

Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Beees Ring
As revealed by the name, this piece of beauty contains a bee shaped 0.10-carat black diamond & 0.13-carat yellow sapphire shaped placed on a ring made of 18carat yellow and white gold.

This beauty goes for as low as £ 2,950.

opening ringsYellow Gold & Diamond railing ring
Shaped in rails, this ring contains 18 carats yellow Gold lined with 0.80-carat white diamond railings with open gate and dog. The look is as exquisite as the railings in a palace. This particular ring gives off your boldness and flare with designs.

This crafted piece goes for £ 4,950


Jewel Box Ring – Yayun Fang
This Asian themed piece consists of a jewel box (compartment ) placed on top of a ring; the compartment jewel box itself is made from 2.80ct sapphire& Enamel placed on top of a ring made from sterling silver & Gilt.

This ring will give you a dominating and flashy look, and it goes for £6,500

Igloo opening ring
The ring is crafted in a traditional setting; it is made from 18ct white gold, 0.39ct diamond & 3.19ct Rock crystal. This ring will stand you out wherever you are with its fashionable crystal and rock compartments.

This ring goes for £14,950
Theo Fennel also provides numerous more styles and designs for Opening Rings and you should visit them today.

Why you should rock with Opening rings
Over the years, different styles of rings have materialized and have dominated the fashion trends. But the opening rings vogue always stands out. They never seem to go out of trend, and always come out with stronger designs to compete for the trends.

opening ringsEasy to slip on
Since opening rings have one or more parts that do not connect, this means they can be expanded to fit the fingers. This can make them easier to slip on than any other styles of rings

Blend with any form of clothing
You don’t need special clothes to look cool with opening rings; instead, you need more rings to flaunt your different styles. Examples of styles include the Tsavorite Oval Ring, Pink topaz oval sweet pea ring

Personalize your style
In conclusion, opening rings can be personalized to a specific style or a mixture of two or more designs. Nothing speaks better of your taste and fashion style as customized open rings.

Jewelry company drops gender discrimination lawsuit

Jewelry company
Jewelry companyOne of the recent popular lawsuits built on gender discrimination has been dismissed. It made a lot of waves when the maker of designer jewelry, Alex and Ani charged the Bank of America for gender bias and greed. They had contacted a wrongful termination lawyer who filed the charges against the bank early this year. However, in a new and interesting turn of events, Alex and Ani has dropped the $1.2 billion lawsuits.
According to official reports, the Rhode Island company decided to dismiss the suit out of their own volition, supposedly after it reached a confidential agreement the bank. Indeed, the suit had some really intriguing claims. One of them was that the Bank of America, which happens to be one of the many banks that lend the designer jewelry company money had wrongfully declared them default in December 2018. The designer jewelry company claimed through its wrongful termination lawyer that this action by the band affected its credit line and cost them over $1 billion in expenses, reduced market value as well as lost revenue.
In addition, Alex and Ani claimed it had been treated unfairly by the bank of America ever since Andrea Ruda, who was a woman, became the chief financial officer in December 2017. The woman had replaced Bob Woodruff, a man who left the position.
The allegations also included the claim that the bank misappropriated millions of dollars in consulting costs, fees as well as other reimbursements from the designer jewelry makers under Woodruff tenure that lasted a year. This is allegedly in contrast to Ruda, who was described as being efficient and was said to have cut costs and improve the bottom line. Furthermore, the suit also alleged that immediately Ruda became the CFO, the bank started recommending costly outside consultants be hired, particularly a male chief restructuring officer at the expense of Alex and Ani.
Jewelry company
The major crux of the issue is that in that lawsuit which was filed in federal court in New York. Several of the accusations that Alex and Ahi leveled against the Bank of America through their wrongful termination lawyer implied the bank tried to push women out of leadership roles at the company. Similarly, they also suggested that the bank wrongly placed the designer jewelry makers in default of a loan of $170 million and a $50 million line of credit.
However contrary, to the claim that payments were made to Alex and Ahi for dismissing the suit, the bank strongly disagrees with anything of sort type. In fact, a spokesman of the Bank of America categorically told news officials that no payments were made to the jewelry company for dismissing the suit. He stated that the suit was withdrawn voluntarily and that the bank would continue to provide support for credit-worthy diverse businesses all over the planet.
Interestingly, when Alex and Ani were approached to respond to this, they declined to comment on the dismissal but directed all inquiries to their legal counsel.

This poison ring was used to murder

poison ring

Poison is a very powerful substance we are all familiar with and its potency can be dangerous to the extent of causing human death. But do you know it can be applied in a lot of ways? Yes, and in fact, one of such ways is through the use of a ring. A poison ring is a kind of ring with a secret compartment under or inside the bezel that could be used to hold poison or any other substance. The poison ring gained a lot of popularity during the 16th century in Europe. The ring was used to either slip poison into the food or drink of an enemy, or to ensure the suicide of the wearer so as to avoid being captured or tortured.

A very good example of this poison ring is one which Bulgarian archaeologists unearthed not so long ago. It is a medieval bronze ring that was likely used to facilitate political murders around 700 years ago. The ring was discovered at the site of a former fortress of the middle ages in Cape Kaliakra, near the Black Sea coastal town of Kavarna located in the northeast of Bulgaria. It is a uniquely designed ring that was most likely worn on the right hand’s little finger, typically by a male. The poison ring was not the only thing found at the time.poison ring

The scientists also unearthed over 30 gold earrings and rings with different kinds of Jewel that all date back o the 14th century. The discovery which was made in 2011 put into perspective a lot of facts about many practices in the medieval times, with one of them being the application of poison through the use of a ring

When Bonnie Petrunova who was the head of the dig and deputy director, National Archaeology Institute and Museum in Sofia was consulted, he had a lot to say about the ring. He explained how unique the ring was in the Whole of Bulgaria. It had a secret compartment for storing the substance and was unparalleled in terms of potency. In fact, many people think it must have been the secret weapon used to commit a lot of murders in the 14th century.

It is believed to have been worn at a period when the capital of the Dobruja region’s principality was Kaliakra. It also probably played a huge role in the fight between Dobrotitsa, who was the ruler of the independent Despotate of Dobrudja and his son Ivanko Terter in the second half of the 14th century. According to Bonnie Petruvona, the poison ring was not worn every time. It was only worn any time it was needed.poison ring

He also believed the poison ring’s secret compartment was made in a way that it could be covered by a finger and it was typically worn on the right hand. It is highly likely that this ring originated from Italy or Spain as Bulgarian principalities had trade relations with them and it was definitely used for several political murders.

Essential oil jewelry

essential oils

essential oil diffuserThe use of essential oils for various beneficial purposes has become uber popular in the past couple of years. People like to get the essential oil of their choice and diffuse it during the night. Some people get an essential oil diffuser just to make their room smell amazing and refreshing while, others purchase essential oils as per their need. Some people get it because they want to calm down their anxiety, or treat their insomnia, or other diseases like sinus etc.

How do essential oils help you?

Emotional and physical wellbeing is crucial for maintaining a solid and cheerful life. You can discover satisfaction and joy in your everyday routine with the assistance of fragrance based treatment and essential oils. This fragrance based treatment is commonly known as aromatherapy. You will get gigantic medical advantages when you invest in an amazing essential oil diffuser jewelry and incorporate it in your daily life. In the event that you coordinate essential oils into your day by day exercises, you can accomplish enthusiastic, otherworldly, mental, and restorative advantages. Essential oils are basically, a concentrated fragrant fluid. This is extricated from different parts of various plants. The scent of them effectively reaches your mind and treats various physical and mental health problems. They can likewise furnish you with a decent passionate state. Some essential oils leave you with enthusiastic wellbeing while others advance physical health.

Introducing Essential Oil Diffuser Jewelry

essential oil diffuserEssential Oil Diffuser Jewelry is in vogue and is just as beneficial for your wellbeing. Due to the help of this innovative piece of jewelry, you can keep your problems at bay through out the day. This will be so helpful especially for people dealing with mental health issues like anxiety. They can keep their essential oil with them throughout the day locked in their necklace which will assist in reducing their anxiety at work or at school as long as they have their essential oil diffuser jewelry.

What are the benefits of purchasing an essential oil diffuser jewelry?

The benefits of purchasing an essential oil diffuser jewelry are the same as the benefits that are provided by any of the essential oils.

1. It provides all the benefits of aromatherapy.

2. It can be described as a portable form of aromatherapy.

3. The diffuser jewelry can help you calm down your body and mind at any place and at any time.

4. The pendants are typically easily changeable so, you can adjust use various essential oils interchangeably.

5. You not only stay calm but, also look fashionable and stylish.

6. The jewelry is elegant and beautiful.

7. A wide variety of jewelry designs are provided.

8. There is no need to wear chemical perfumes when you have a natural scent surrounding you.

9. Typically, the jewelry contains hypoallergenic properties.

10. The jewelry is easily washable, and reusable.

11. You would not have to purchase a separate diffuser for your office space.

essential oil diffuserThis innovative piece of jewelry is easy to use and a must have for our daily life especially if anyone of you deals with a specific health issue on a daily basis.

Etsy Vial Jewelry for CBD

Vial Jewelry

Most of the people around the world these days have become aware of the amazing health benefits of CBD oils. After collecting several potential pieces of evidence from the researcher’s community and medical health world, most countries have now legalized marijuana and cannabis products. With this, people are now able to buy their favorite CBD products for medical as well as recreational needs.

One of the most popular trends in the market these days is marijuana jewelry collections. You can find many amazing products on the market to match your unique needs. The best thing to know about these latest jewelry items is that they are available for both men and women as well. However, those who are little confused about making products selections online are advised to go through the list below. Here we have highlighted some of the best Etsy jewelry items that you must buy to enhance your elegant personality:

Mushroom in a Bottle Necklace

Mushroom in a Bottle Necklace:
This product has gained huge popularity in the market in very less time due to its ultimate shape and catchy finish. You will find its best gift for the men in your life, and he will definitely appreciate it. The red mushrooms inside the tiny glass bottle look amazing, and users can pair this necklace with almost any formal and casual outfit.

Antique Brass Cylinder Capsule

Antique Brass Cylinder Capsule:
People love to fill this brass cylinder capsule with their favorite CBD oil to keep it close throughout the day. This necklace spreads the amazing aroma of your essential oil around while keeping your food fresh all the time. The brass finish makes it suitable for all outfits. It means you can wear this capsule for business meetings and evening parties as well.

Blood Vial Pendant Kit for Lovers

Blood Vial Pendant Kit for Lovers:
If you are looking for the best Etsy jewelry to create a perfect pairing with the love of your life; this lover’s pendant can serve your need best. You both can wear these unique capsule-like pendants while moving out together or alone. Make sure you fill it with your favorite CBD oil and stay fresh and motivated all day long. It is the best gift that lovers can present to each other on this Valentine’s Day.

Large Stainless Memorial Glass Orb Pendant

Large Stainless Memorial Glass Orb Pendant:
How can we forget to talk about this lovely and unique pendant? It is designed using high-quality glass and can be used by both males and females as well. People find it the most elegant piece of jewelry to stay tuned to their CBD oil on the go. Prefer to order it online at a discounted price, and soon you will be able to carry your favorite essential oil everywhere.

Pick any of these best Etsy jewelry online and pair them with some of your most elegant dresses for the outdoor visits. These product collections can help you to create a memorable and unique impression on everyone you meet in your busy routines.

Marijuana Jewelry

Marijuana Jewelry

Are you looking for a special gift? Something that is out of the ordinary? Marijuana jewelry can definitely help you offer an unforgettable gift. This particular type of jewelry is fun, casual, yet elegant, so a modern woman will certainly enjoy wearing such items. The truth is that the cannabis leaf has a very beautiful shape.

While some of the cannabis-inspired jewelry is rather simple, being suitable for day-to-day wear, there are others that are sophisticated, made out of gold and decorated with microcrystals. So, it depends on what you’re looking to find and on the recipient of this gorgeous piece of jewelry. Of course, you can always buy marijuana jewelry for you, if you are an enthusiast.

What to look for when shopping for marijuana jewelry? Well, first of all, you have to determine your budget. There is a wide range of jewelry items inspired by cannabis that you can choose. So, you need to decide how much you’re planning to spend on such a product. As mentioned earlier, there is jewelry made entirely out of gold and jewelry made out of silver, even clay or glass, which are much cheaper.

It is even possible to find jewelry items that have a real part of the plant. The bud, for example, is highly used in the making of accessories related to cannabis. And in case the marijuana leaf or bud is too obvious for your own tastes, you can always choose something more discreet, like the molecule representing cannabis. Thus, wearing the molecule is more subtle and gives you a unique-looking and interesting accessory.

So, if your best friend’s birthday is coming up or if you know someone who would appreciate this kind of gifts, marijuana jewelry can give you the chance to make an impression. You can also find matching jewelry pieces for your partner or best friend. Practically, when it comes to marijuana jewelry, you just need to allow your imagination to run free. The variety of options on the market is more than impressive.

There are jewelry items depicting the cannabis plant in all of its forms and for all budgets. Regardless if you’re looking for a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or necklace, it is quite easy to find the ideal piece of jewelry to match your style and personality. If you want something out of the ordinary, you can always choose to wear a crystallized marijuana bud. This particular type of accessory looks rather amazing. The part of the plant is used while it is still green, so it will be immortalized this way for eternity.

Marijuana jewelry or accessories inspired by cannabis are great items to have and to wear by all those that are cannabis enthusiasts. Even if you just use medicinal cannabis, like CBD, these accessories represent the same type of plant. They can turn into amazing gifts or simply become one of your favorite items in your personal collection.

Cannabis manages to win over an increasing number of people since it was discovered and proven that it has great potential in becoming a reliable treatment and not just for recreational purposes.

Make Your Proposal Magical with the Perfect Engagement Ring

It is every girl’s dream to have a magical proposal with the perfect engagement ring. Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be tricky. You have to make sure that you buy the one that is both extravagant and unique.

Luckily, we are here to help make this decision easier for you. Follow the tips below on how to choose the perfect engagement ring – one that will make your future fiancé very happy.

1. Know Thy Budget

The first thing you have to do is set a budget. Remember, you have to save for the wedding and the honeymoon as well. Make sure that you stick to your budget. You don’t want to empty out your savings account! Setting a budget makes the selection process easier.

2. Keep the Likes of Your Partner in Mind

This is the ring your partner will be wearing for the rest of their life, so make sure that you keep their preference in mind. Do they like the princess cut or cushion cut? Should you go for modern or vintage? All these things are important when you are choosing the perfect ring.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your partner’s closest friend. Make sure that you swear them to secrecy though. You don’t want them to ruin the surprise!

3. Don’t Forget the Ring Size

Nothing will ruin the proposal faster than getting a ring too small or too big. To escape that catastrophic event, make sure you know the ring size. Since you can’t ask them, how about you try sneaking one of their rings to get the size right? Make sure that you don’t take a ring that will be missed. You don’t want your future Mrs. to get suspicious.

4. Diamonds or Other Gemstones

It is often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, for the past few years, the trend of using other stones like emeralds or sapphires in engagement rings has been on the rise.

The thing with choosing diamonds is that it gives you more options. Don’t forget the four Cs of choosing a diamond ring – carat, color, clarity, and cut. These four Cs will reflect on the price as well. Choose the one that fits your budget.

5. Make it Unique

You don’t have to follow the trends of engagement rings. You can break with convention and choose the ring that reflects your relationship. At the end of the day, it’s about you and your fiancé. Choose the ring that speaks to you, whether it’s one with a diamond or some other stone.

6. The Right Vendor

To get the perfect ring, you need the right vendor. The right vendor will help you make the proposal more magical and special. To make sure that your proposal is exceptionally perfect, select the vendor that has unique variety and produces quality engagement rings that both you and your fiancé-to-be will fall in love with.

We can help you in a complete range of Jewellery