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Etsy Vial Jewelry for CBD

Vial Jewelry

Most of the people around the world these days have become aware of the amazing health benefits of CBD oils. After collecting several potential pieces of evidence from the researcher’s community and medical health world, most countries have now legalized marijuana and cannabis products. With this, people are now able to buy their favorite CBD products for medical as well as recreational needs.

One of the most popular trends in the market these days is marijuana jewelry collections. You can find many amazing products on the market to match your unique needs. The best thing to know about these latest jewelry items is that they are available for both men and women as well. However, those who are little confused about making products selections online are advised to go through the list below. Here we have highlighted some of the best Etsy jewelry items that you must buy to enhance your elegant personality:

Mushroom in a Bottle Necklace

Mushroom in a Bottle Necklace:
This product has gained huge popularity in the market in very less time due to its ultimate shape and catchy finish. You will find its best gift for the men in your life, and he will definitely appreciate it. The red mushrooms inside the tiny glass bottle look amazing, and users can pair this necklace with almost any formal and casual outfit.

Antique Brass Cylinder Capsule

Antique Brass Cylinder Capsule:
People love to fill this brass cylinder capsule with their favorite CBD oil to keep it close throughout the day. This necklace spreads the amazing aroma of your essential oil around while keeping your food fresh all the time. The brass finish makes it suitable for all outfits. It means you can wear this capsule for business meetings and evening parties as well.

Blood Vial Pendant Kit for Lovers

Blood Vial Pendant Kit for Lovers:
If you are looking for the best Etsy jewelry to create a perfect pairing with the love of your life; this lover’s pendant can serve your need best. You both can wear these unique capsule-like pendants while moving out together or alone. Make sure you fill it with your favorite CBD oil and stay fresh and motivated all day long. It is the best gift that lovers can present to each other on this Valentine’s Day.

Large Stainless Memorial Glass Orb Pendant

Large Stainless Memorial Glass Orb Pendant:
How can we forget to talk about this lovely and unique pendant? It is designed using high-quality glass and can be used by both males and females as well. People find it the most elegant piece of jewelry to stay tuned to their CBD oil on the go. Prefer to order it online at a discounted price, and soon you will be able to carry your favorite essential oil everywhere.

Pick any of these best Etsy jewelry online and pair them with some of your most elegant dresses for the outdoor visits. These product collections can help you to create a memorable and unique impression on everyone you meet in your busy routines.

Marijuana Jewelry

Marijuana Jewelry

Are you looking for a special gift? Something that is out of the ordinary? Marijuana jewelry can definitely help you offer an unforgettable gift. This particular type of jewelry is fun, casual, yet elegant, so a modern woman will certainly enjoy wearing such items. The truth is that the cannabis leaf has a very beautiful shape.

While some of the cannabis-inspired jewelry is rather simple, being suitable for day-to-day wear, there are others that are sophisticated, made out of gold and decorated with microcrystals. So, it depends on what you’re looking to find and on the recipient of this gorgeous piece of jewelry. Of course, you can always buy marijuana jewelry for you, if you are an enthusiast.

What to look for when shopping for marijuana jewelry? Well, first of all, you have to determine your budget. There is a wide range of jewelry items inspired by cannabis that you can choose. So, you need to decide how much you’re planning to spend on such a product. As mentioned earlier, there is jewelry made entirely out of gold and jewelry made out of silver, even clay or glass, which are much cheaper.

It is even possible to find jewelry items that have a real part of the plant. The bud, for example, is highly used in the making of accessories related to cannabis. And in case the marijuana leaf or bud is too obvious for your own tastes, you can always choose something more discreet, like the molecule representing cannabis. Thus, wearing the molecule is more subtle and gives you a unique-looking and interesting accessory.

So, if your best friend’s birthday is coming up or if you know someone who would appreciate this kind of gifts, marijuana jewelry can give you the chance to make an impression. You can also find matching jewelry pieces for your partner or best friend. Practically, when it comes to marijuana jewelry, you just need to allow your imagination to run free. The variety of options on the market is more than impressive.

There are jewelry items depicting the cannabis plant in all of its forms and for all budgets. Regardless if you’re looking for a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or necklace, it is quite easy to find the ideal piece of jewelry to match your style and personality. If you want something out of the ordinary, you can always choose to wear a crystallized marijuana bud. This particular type of accessory looks rather amazing. The part of the plant is used while it is still green, so it will be immortalized this way for eternity.

Marijuana jewelry or accessories inspired by cannabis are great items to have and to wear by all those that are cannabis enthusiasts. Even if you just use medicinal cannabis, like CBD, these accessories represent the same type of plant. They can turn into amazing gifts or simply become one of your favorite items in your personal collection.

Cannabis manages to win over an increasing number of people since it was discovered and proven that it has great potential in becoming a reliable treatment and not just for recreational purposes.

Make Your Proposal Magical with the Perfect Engagement Ring

It is every girl’s dream to have a magical proposal with the perfect engagement ring. Choosing the perfect engagement ring can be tricky. You have to make sure that you buy the one that is both extravagant and unique.

Luckily, we are here to help make this decision easier for you. Follow the tips below on how to choose the perfect engagement ring – one that will make your future fiancé very happy.

1. Know Thy Budget

The first thing you have to do is set a budget. Remember, you have to save for the wedding and the honeymoon as well. Make sure that you stick to your budget. You don’t want to empty out your savings account! Setting a budget makes the selection process easier.

2. Keep the Likes of Your Partner in Mind

This is the ring your partner will be wearing for the rest of their life, so make sure that you keep their preference in mind. Do they like the princess cut or cushion cut? Should you go for modern or vintage? All these things are important when you are choosing the perfect ring.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help from your partner’s closest friend. Make sure that you swear them to secrecy though. You don’t want them to ruin the surprise!

3. Don’t Forget the Ring Size

Nothing will ruin the proposal faster than getting a ring too small or too big. To escape that catastrophic event, make sure you know the ring size. Since you can’t ask them, how about you try sneaking one of their rings to get the size right? Make sure that you don’t take a ring that will be missed. You don’t want your future Mrs. to get suspicious.

4. Diamonds or Other Gemstones

It is often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. However, for the past few years, the trend of using other stones like emeralds or sapphires in engagement rings has been on the rise.

The thing with choosing diamonds is that it gives you more options. Don’t forget the four Cs of choosing a diamond ring – carat, color, clarity, and cut. These four Cs will reflect on the price as well. Choose the one that fits your budget.

5. Make it Unique

You don’t have to follow the trends of engagement rings. You can break with convention and choose the ring that reflects your relationship. At the end of the day, it’s about you and your fiancé. Choose the ring that speaks to you, whether it’s one with a diamond or some other stone.

6. The Right Vendor

To get the perfect ring, you need the right vendor. The right vendor will help you make the proposal more magical and special. To make sure that your proposal is exceptionally perfect, select the vendor that has unique variety and produces quality engagement rings that both you and your fiancé-to-be will fall in love with.

Best CBD Vape Pen Necklaces on Etsy

A CBD vape pen necklace can be a great gift for anyone that enjoys vaping CBD, as it will allow the person to carry his or her vape pen in a handy and aesthetic manner at the same time. So, if you really want to offer something that is going to be used, such a necklace can be a very inspired choice.

The person that will receive it will certainly enjoy it or you can always get one for yourself as well. To get an idea of what CBD vape pen necklaces you can find, here are some interesting and creative models available on Etsy.


This is the ideal CBD vape pen necklace for those that really enjoy handmade jewelry. As you can see, it’s not just a necklace for vape pens, but also for flash drives and other small items as well.

Every detail of this product is made by hand and it comes with a small button and fastening that will keep your vape pen in safety as you walk. 

This is a more elegant CBD vape pen necklace, as it is made out of leather and can even feature small pendants. So, while the crochet version may appear too casual, a leather option is more classic and distinct. Again, we are talking about a handmade item, something that can be seen in the stitches of the necklace, which are not machine-made.

But, after all, this is the charm of such a product. Those that embraced CBD vaping are people that are not afraid to look for alternatives and opt for a healthier and more natural lifestyle. This is why an item made out of leather is a great gift.

For those looking for something more modern, more urban, such a CBD vape pen necklace can be more suitable. This is a handmade item, its creator using various types of printed fabrics and utilizing leather cords to give the necklace strength as you wear it.

It is a nice accessory that offers a small pocket where you can place your vape pen when you are not using it so that it won’t end up being crushed in your bag or pockets.

This is another cute knitted CBD vape pen necklace that resembles more like a tiny sock for your vape pen, rather than a pocket. And when it is decorated with a small button or broach, it looks even more special.

The truth is that it will be a very discreet gift that can be worn at all times, even underneath the clothes if you want to be more discreet. You can even customize this necklace according to the size and shape of your CBD vape pen, making sure that it will fit it like a glove.

Best Etsy Wine Jewelry

Jewelry is a vital part of dressing in the 21st century. Typically, it is related to women with cosmetic value but it is also increasing in popularity among men. Chains, watches, and necklaces are the most common accessories added on to enhance looks in both women and men. While it is increasing in popularity hence demand, which attributes to the high cost and booming business of jewelry, most people shy away from wearing the accessories. The misconceptions about jewelry and relating them to women are only justifications of shy and under exposed people. Stores like Etsy jewelry doesn’t push clients, they present a variety and best quality available in the market and leave the choice to you.

Some consider proper wearing of jewelry as a natural skill; etsy jewelry thinks otherwise, you can be guided from a novice to a pro in jewelry. We only need your time and commitment.

Here are a few tips on wearing different types of jewelry.


There is a lot about wearing necklaces; your body size with respect to height, breadth, skin shade, and neck length. Some people have long necks while others have short necks. Chest size and face design determines the type of necklace. Whether it should be gold or silver is another discussion level. If you are just starting on necklaces, consider the elements of your body. A necklace should be around 4 inches longer than height of your breasts; if you have a round face and long neck, a shorter necklace would be best. It is not about adding a chain on your blouse, necklaces have huge impact on your general look.


If you are a beginner and shopping at etsy jewelry, rigs won’t be recommended unless it is an engagement or wedding ring. Wearing rings for cosmetic value requires more confidence; while they are small metals on your finger, which can easily be hidden, they are conspicuous, especially if you wear them inappropriately. The standard rule is wearing one on every hand, it is easier if they are of the same metal shade; some people prefer to mix but you should be keen on the color blends with skin tone if you prefer different colors on two hands. You can easily be extreme with rings; two on one finger on each hand should be the limit unless you are marketing or a Hollywood celebrity.


A wristwatch is the best place to start with jewelry. It is a universal accessory; both women and men can enhance their looks with wrist watches. Also, watches can be worn on a daily basis; there is no much restriction and prejudice about watches. If you wear a watch to work, you seem serious and focused, on a golf sport, you look stylish, on a family outing, it still stylish. However, there are different types of watches based on strap fabric and material on the top. Leather straps and steel on the top is a universal look; you can wear it to church, go with it on a dinner date, it is also a casual look that blends well with denim and t-shirt. Plastic watches are for a sporty look; don’t put on a suit with a watch with plastic straps. All metal is considered official; you can do this with a suit.

The size of watch also influences your appearance; if you have a large wrist, you would better put on a big watch. A small size will likely sink in your flesh. Wrist size goes in line with body size; if you are slender, a big watch will look like a baggage.


Etsy stocks the best earrings; if you are confident enough to add on an accessory to your ear, this is the place to go. Men studs are also available; various sizes and designs. Earrings can be worn with jeans and with cocktail dress; they come in different colors and shapes as well as sizes. Earring depict culture; for instance, an African look is denoted by large earrings, you might want to consult and research extensively on different types of earrings and their meanings before settling on a particular type.

There is a lot to consider when choosing earrings before stepping out. For women, your hairstyle matters; whether you have short hair or pulling it back or letting it hang down the back, You don’t want to draw much attention in a negative way. If you have a round face, you might need to reconsider before picking up embellished earrings. Be sure you don’t look weighed down by earrings, the type of dress and occasion matters a lot.


It is obvious that you wear a bracelet with sleeveless clothes otherwise, it won’t make sense. Jewelry should be seen.

There is more to wearing jewelry than waking up and picking any chain to put on your neck or wrist. It is important to learn of wearing techniques with respect to blending colors with outfit and occasions. Gaining confidence to buy jewelry is one thing, learning how to wear jewelry is another. This is why you should shop at etsy jewelry because it is not only about selling the best quality and appropriate types and colors for you but also sharing tips on how to wear the jewelry.

Best iPhone Jewelry Apps

If you love looking at beautiful jewelry and choosing your wish list, then you probably have a few favorite jewelry sites you frequent regularly. But instead of bookmarking these sites, there are tons of iPhone jewelry apps you can download to peruse your favorite pieces whenever you want! These iPhone jewelry apps allow you save it on your phone and open whenever you’re in the mood to scope out some gorgeous jewelry! Here are some of the best iPhone jewelry apps to download to your phone:

  1. Diamonds App

Looking for diamonds and not sure where to go? The DiaTime Diamond App is a free app that helps you find loose certified diamonds. Whether you’re looking for loose diamonds for a gift or simply as an investment, this app will find you the best ones for your money! It doesn’t matter if you’re a retail store, wholesaler or individual, this app is for you! The app also has handy guides that help you learn more about diamonds and what affects the price and more. You’ll also get deals for the week and if you find something you like, you can order directly from the app!

  1. Gemporia Jewelry Auctions App

Say good-bye to retail stores thanks to the Gemporia Jewelry Auctions App! You can view and participate in their live auctions or use it as a TV comparison tool. Everyone pays the same low price for their limited run auction pieces. The app provides simple navigation options, interactive experience and 24-hour access while on the go!

  1. Naledi RingFinder App

With the Naledi RingRinder App, you’ll see the latest trends in bridal jewelry. You’ll definitely find the perfect engagement ring thanks to their vast collection. You can also share your favorites to give someone a hint as to what you like. The app also allows you to search by ring name or SKU, see ring options and quality and more. Plus, you’ll be able to educate yourself on diamonds and more. And the app is also perfect for Jewelry Sales Associates who want to engage their customers and showcase Naledi’s Collecton of stunning engagement rings.

  1. The Vow App

This Vow App is the perfect way to find your dream engagement ring. The app even allows you to see what it will look like on your hand! You’ll see a wide variety of styles in every setting and color. Then once you find the ring you love, you can request more information or make an appointment to have it customized for your. There’s even a Pinterest button inside the app to save to your wedding boards.

  1. Blue Nile App

The Blue Nile iPhone App is the best interactive experience for diamonds, fine jewelry and engagement rings. You’ll see actual photos of unique rings, have the chance to customize your dream engagement ring and then snap a photo and try it on your hand. Plus, the app offers guidance on finding the perfect diamond. The app ships to more than 40 countries and takes a variety of payment methods.

  1. The 4 C’s App

Before you go diamond shopping, you’ll need the 4 C’s Interactive Diamond Buying Guide App! The app walks you through the 4 C’s of diamonds so that you’re knowledgeable about the sort of ring to buy and are prepared to ask the right questions while ring shopping. The app was created to make the learning process about diamonds much easier and more enjoyable.

Top Etsy Essential CBD Oil Diffuser Rings

Essential oils are a great way to make your home like your favorite spa and experience aromatherapy. All you need is a home diffuser, some drops of our favorite essential cbd oil and you’ve got yourself a therapeutic aromatherapy experience that will delight your senses. There are many types of diffusers to choose from, including lamp rinks, candle burners and water vapor diffusers. Essential oils are chosen for whatever effect you’re looking for or they can be mixed together to create a custom scent that offers many benefits. What’s totally new is that you can take the benefits of essential oils wherever you are thanks to diffuser rings you wear! If you’re looking to purchase aromatherapy supplies, here are some of the best Esty essential oils diffuser rings to purchase!

1. Clay Diffuser Ring White Lace
This diffuser ring is simple gorgeous! The band color is bronze and the material on top is clay. The handcrafted white clay diffuser is then accented with a lovely blue underglaze that gives it a very feminine look. You can order in either round or oval and each piece is handcrafted and fired for added strength! You simply drop a favorite essential cbd oil and you’ll enjoy the fragrance all day long!

2. Lava Stone Diffuser Ring
If you want something unique and fun, then this Lava Stone Diffuser Ring is what you need! The lava stone will naturally diffuse oils so you can enjoy the scent on the go! It’ll even last for a day or two, depending on the oil. The lava stone is encased in sterling silver so no cbd oil will touch your skin.

3. Brass Filigree and Flower Aromatherapy Diffuser Rings
If you love essential oils and beautiful things, then you definitely want to get this Brass Filigree and Flower Aromatherapy Diffuser Rings! The romantic diffuser ring features a brass locket in the center and high quality brass that won’t turn your fingers green. You can choose between a seaform, buttercream or wisteria colored flower.

4. Rosewood Diffuser Ring
This simple and beautiful piece will accentuate your style and allow you to breathe in your favorite essential cbd oil all day. Essential cbd oil scents will evaporate slowly from the lava beads, which is what makes it last all day. Once the cbd oil aroma wears off you can add a totally different essential oil.

5. Sterling Silver Aromatherapy Diffuser Ring
This handmade sterling silver stacking ring is made to fit your finger perfectly! You simply fill the 8mm bezel cup with felt pad with a few drops of cbd oil and then the aroma will last for up to 12 hours!

6. Unakite Diffuser Ring
The lava diffuser ring is stunning and unique with its unakite stones. These stones are used to draw off negative energy and blockages from your heart chakra. This will help lift your spirits as you breathe in the fresh and intoxicating aroma of your favorite essential oil.

7. Birthstone Silver Essential cbd Oil Ring Diffuser
Wear your favorite cbd oil in an adjustable ring diffuser that features your own birthstone! It’s a great way to personalize your jewelry and get your favorite essential cbd oil scent all day long! The beautiful ring diffuser is great to use with any outfit and makes a special gift for any essential cbd oil lover in your life!

8. 5 Rings In 1 Essential cbd Oil Diffuser Ring
This cage ring features a sturdy 18K white gold plated exterior and gorgeous round cage that opens so you put in your choice of 4 colored pearls or a natural black lavas stone (here’s where you place your essential oil). It’ll provide fragrance for up to 24 hours!

Best pharmacist jewelry on etsy

Whether it necklaces, earrings or bracelets, jewelries are amazingly popular all over the world. They are without doubt a vital piece of human cultures and civilizations, serving numerous roles which are extremely important. Jewelry add-ons in many cases are the ‘icing on the cake’ to a complete outfit.

Jewelry charms dates back to the Neolithic times where people pick-up an uncommon stone or chunk of wood to supposedly chase away enemies. Also during the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs intricate jewelries made from precious stones and metals were widely used by the rich. It was during this time that the very first charm bracelets and necklaces emerged.

These days a lot of pharmacists are also flowing with the charms trend. Putting on pharmacist jewelry is a great way to display the pharmacist’s badge and other accessories elegantly featured in a variety of designs.

Here are a few pharmacist jewelries on etsy to purchase

Gathering Charms

This charm is a collection of silver plated clinical and pharmacist designed charms spread around a glowing silver plated bracelet chain. This is also a hand crafted charm bracelet. This charm bracelet is finished with a lobster hold and a little inch of chain towards the end for flexible sizing.

Charms on this bracelet include bottles and syringe charm, microscope charm, mortar, dopamine molecule charm, pharmacist heart charm and many others.

Luxe designs by Sarah

Luxe designs by Sarah are a Stunning stainless professionally etched and flexible bangle bracelet. It comes with an in depth silver cadeceus, professionally etched “pharmacist” charm, authentic swarovski crystal and some choice of letter laser etched charm.

Bohemian Findings

The bohemian findings are lead and nickel free. They are manufactured from zinc alloy metals which are suitable for earrings, pendants and key chains. The products are absolutely free from lead and cadmium and nickel safe as they contain very little parts, all items are for grownup and not meant for kids under the age of 15.

Bam Bam Kreations

The Bam Bam Kreations is a customized Hand Stamped Pharmacist Stainless Steel Bangle Bracelet. The hand stamped disc shows a name that you pick and a Rx charm as well as additional charm of your preference designed on this expandable stainless steel.

Bezels and Beyond

This bracelet is an amazingly old fashioned twist-style silver cord that features a heart clasp. Due to the chain’s thickness the inside is only 7 inches. Hence, ensure you take a proper measurement of your wrist prior to buying this item also it is advisable to provide for a bit slack. It extension is crafted from heavy jump rings with a little heart at the end.

Several add-ons are attached to the bracelet including a laser engrave charm with the word ‘pharmacist’ and the Bowl of Hygieia. The goddess Hygieia was popularly known as the goddess of hygiene.

TC Jewelry Co

This bracelet by TC Jewelry Co is a beautiful and lengthy jewelry with a detachable extender and a clasp that can hook to any of the bracelets link in order to fit into smaller wrists. The chain and charms are silver plated and features lobster clasp closure, mortar and pestle charm, disc charm with symbols or initials and so on.

5 Best Android Jewelry Apps

The era of having to visit the physical market to window-shop or buy stunning jewelry is almost ending. All it’ll take is to have a smartphone or tablet computer running either Android or iOS. There are numerous jewelry Android apps that can enhance your jewelry buying and customization experience. These apps are easy to use and extremely valuable for any jewelry lover. Relying on these jewelry android apps, you’ll find that unique jewelry right in your palms.

The beauty of these jewelry android apps is the access to a good number of jewelry shops, rare jewelry designs, and independent publishers. Whether what you are looking for is a unique wedding ring, a bracelet to match an outfit for a special day or a combination of hand or leg chain, you’ll find all these in good numbers. Jewelry android apps can be used by anyone, but they are targeted at the following;

Jewelry Enthusiasts

There’s something that delineates jewelry lovers from others; it’s the enthusiasm and passion for beautiful jewelry. If you find yourself always drooling over a piece of jewelry, then you need any of the jewelry android apps we’ll be reviewing afterward. You are a jewelry enthusiast if you find jewelry enchanting, luminous and colorful.

Jewelry Industry Professionals

Keep yourself updated with design ideas from any of these jewelry android apps. As a jewelry store owner or evaluator, you need to keep yourself in the limelight with latest designs continuously. These apps can also give you ideas as to the changing taste and preference of jewelry enthusiasts. Knowing what they desire will keep you in the business.

Gemstone Specialists.

As the third category, you are easily influenced by the desires and taste of the enthusiasts and the industry professionals. It’s a chain of command that flows from the consumers to you as the specialists. Having any of these jewelry android apps will provide you with ideas of the needs of your consumers.

If you’ve read up to this point, you must be part of the audience jewelry android apps is made for. These apps have been selected based on their popularity, features, and ease of use. It is determined by the numbers of downloads and the feedbacks of existing users. More importantly, the selections are a product of continuous usage and testing.

1. Voylla Fashion Jewelry Shopping App

With a review of above 4-Star, the Voylla app has continued to gain traction and popularity. This could be due to the over 45,000 jewelry designs you’ll find on the app or the different options available to users. On the voylla app, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, and bangles.

Just choose how you want to look for that special event; bridal, party, festive, religious, or office use. Voylla app will provide you with thousands of the most applicable options. The app is responsive, and login could be through Truecaller. Paying for any jewelry ordered is through a secure payment provider.

There are over one million installs of the android app on the Playstore.

2. Pandora Jewelry App

What makes Pandora Jewelry Android app unique is the different features it possesses. You can start by choosing a budget for whichever beautiful piece you are in search of. The app also allows you to select the color, and the type of material you love. Whether the jewelry is meant for you or as a gift to a loved on, Pandora app is the right way to go about it.

The Pandora app will work seamlessly with any Android device. You can find the app on the android playstore where over a million users have also downloaded it. The app has a beautiful and interactive interface that makes jewelry shopping a hobby for you. You can list whatever jewelry you currently own on the Pandora Club; this will eliminate it from the options it provides when in search of a new piece.

3. WizeGem

It touts itself as the first ever 3D online jewelry shop. Customization is the strength of this Jewelry android app. According to data available, over 22,000 users are using the Wizegem app to design their jewelry across 200 countries. You can choose from over 500 design options to craft your jewelry. Wizegem allows you to mix and combine designs and bring out what you consider to be the best.

Even without any form of jewelry design experience, you’ll feel like a professional while using Wizegem. Whether you want to be a jewelry designer or a retailer, Wizegem gives you the platform to imagine and create.

4. Kay Jewelers App

Famed as the Number One specialty jewelry brand of the United States, the app offers an insight into the offline store and ability to make choices from the app online. Imagine shopping for jewelry right from your smartphone, that’s the experience Kay Jewelers intend to achieve. The intuitive user interface of the Android app makes it easy to choose what you consider best for you.

Kay Jewelers app allows you even to be able to determine your ring size with the fantastic ring sizer of the app. Just choose and purchase all from your app, you don’t have to visit a physical Kay Jeweler store. If you feel there’s a need to be at a physical store, the android app has an inbuilt store locator for that purpose.

5. Jared The Galleria of Jewelry App

Coming as the last doesn’t make it the least. It’s even one of our favorites as it is a perfect android app that does more than just jewelry. Are you planning to put a ring on the fingers of that special person? Jared android app will make it easy to create the surprise proposal without giving anything out.

Through the app, ring size can be determined, and payment can be made. If you are unsure of which beautiful piece to settle for amidst the hundreds available, add it to your wishlist and make a choice afterward.

The Best T-Shirt Necklaces on Etsy

Since 2008, when Neck lush arrived on the Etsy scene, multi-row necklaces have been made from recycled T-shirts fashion hipster fury. The big secret is: these grunge-chic accessories take every 5 minutes (and little or no craft skills) to go. Use of Goodwill Outlet and Garment District Buck-a-Pound Savings Store tees, here are the best T-shirt collars on Etsy below:

1. Baby-friendly necklace, blue T-shirt wire necklace, blue brown Multi-Strand necklace, fabric necklace, cotton Jersey scarf, Trapillo thread

Blue and brown fabric necklace made from recycled cotton t-shirt yarn. Multi-row necklace made of blue and brown t-shirt yarn. Light and very soft to wear makes every outfit unique and cool!

2. Follow the t-shirt of this mystical unicorn girl

This shirt is a perfect gift for your little boy or girl. Teach them to be creative and always achieve their dreams and this T-shirt will always remember them. The t-shirt is great for a unicorn birthday party and will go just as well with your unicorn necklace. Take one today.

tshirt necklace

3. Superskinny Infinity Black Mixed Metal

Is it a scarf? Is it a chain? Extra long and thin, you can wear it with jeans and a T-shirt in the summer or a sweater in the winter. Wear it for a long time, or squeeze it a few times to wear it as a hood.

4. T-shirt Yarn Necklace

Each of these trendy necklaces is handmade to order! The t-shirt yarn used is made in Turkey from recycled factory wear. Each piece is unique and the size/thickness can vary slightly. The dimensions are approximately 5×8 inches. Because each chain is made to order, returns are only accepted if the item is defective or damaged.

5. Popular NYC jewelry, T-shirt chains, status bar necklace, unique anniversary gift ideas, accessories, New York Skyline, statement necklace

Popular NYC jewelry, T-shirt chains, status bar necklace, unique anniversary gift ideas, accessories, New York Skyline, statement necklace.

6. T-shirt Necklace

Necklace with pompom with blue and white stripes at the end with green pompons on the tassels tied by hand on a white braided rope with a gold chain lock.

7. Infinity scarf t-shirt in rich colors

T-shirt scarves are of the latest fashion – and they are even better than making your own T-shirt! Infinite cotton jersey scarf dyed and cut into strips that create a unique look somewhere between a necklace and a scarf.

shirt necklace

8. Black Panther Necklace Shirt, Wakanda Necklace T-shirt, Wakanda Jewelry T-shirt, Unisex Short Sleeve T-shirt

This Black Panther Necklace-shirt is a great t-shirt for the people of Wakanda. This elegant design is made of thicker and more comfortable cotton that is always very soft to wear. And the double stitching on the neckline and collar sleeves adds durability to what is definitely a favorite for every Black Panther fan.

9. Zodiac jewelry, zodiac necklace, zodiac sign, zodiac, zodiac gift, zodiac constellation, zodiac sign necklace, zodiac charm, zodiac earrings

Zodiac jewelry, zodiac necklace, zodiac sign, zodiac, zodiac gift, zodiac constellation, zodiac sign necklace, zodiac charm, zodiac earrings, 100% cotton soft felt shirts.

10. Frida flower headband with collar t-shirt, Frida Kahlo clothing, Mexican folk art, a gift for a feminist artist, feminism t-shirts for her

This Frida Kahlo head with a flower headband and an illustration of the necklace shirt is a great birthday present for all Mexican folk art lovers out there. Celebrate feminism and feminist pride with this Frida flower t-shirt, great inexpensive gifts for an artist.

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