The era of having to visit the physical market to window-shop or buy stunning jewelry is almost ending. All it’ll take is to have a smartphone or tablet computer running either Android or iOS. There are numerous jewelry Android apps that can enhance your jewelry buying and customization experience. These apps are easy to use and extremely valuable for any jewelry lover. Relying on these jewelry android apps, you’ll find that unique jewelry right in your palms.

The beauty of these jewelry android apps is the access to a good number of jewelry shops, rare jewelry designs, and independent publishers. Whether what you are looking for is a unique wedding ring, a bracelet to match an outfit for a special day or a combination of hand or leg chain, you’ll find all these in good numbers. Jewelry android apps can be used by anyone, but they are targeted at the following;

Jewelry Enthusiasts

There’s something that delineates jewelry lovers from others; it’s the enthusiasm and passion for beautiful jewelry. If you find yourself always drooling over a piece of jewelry, then you need any of the jewelry android apps we’ll be reviewing afterward. You are a jewelry enthusiast if you find jewelry enchanting, luminous and colorful.

Jewelry Industry Professionals

Keep yourself updated with design ideas from any of these jewelry android apps. As a jewelry store owner or evaluator, you need to keep yourself in the limelight with latest designs continuously. These apps can also give you ideas as to the changing taste and preference of jewelry enthusiasts. Knowing what they desire will keep you in the business.

Gemstone Specialists.

As the third category, you are easily influenced by the desires and taste of the enthusiasts and the industry professionals. It’s a chain of command that flows from the consumers to you as the specialists. Having any of these jewelry android apps will provide you with ideas of the needs of your consumers.

If you’ve read up to this point, you must be part of the audience jewelry android apps is made for. These apps have been selected based on their popularity, features, and ease of use. It is determined by the numbers of downloads and the feedbacks of existing users. More importantly, the selections are a product of continuous usage and testing.

1. Voylla Fashion Jewelry Shopping App

With a review of above 4-Star, the Voylla app has continued to gain traction and popularity. This could be due to the over 45,000 jewelry designs you’ll find on the app or the different options available to users. On the voylla app, you’ll find exactly what you are looking for; earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, and bangles.

Just choose how you want to look for that special event; bridal, party, festive, religious, or office use. Voylla app will provide you with thousands of the most applicable options. The app is responsive, and login could be through Truecaller. Paying for any jewelry ordered is through a secure payment provider.

There are over one million installs of the android app on the Playstore.

2. Pandora Jewelry App

What makes Pandora Jewelry Android app unique is the different features it possesses. You can start by choosing a budget for whichever beautiful piece you are in search of. The app also allows you to select the color, and the type of material you love. Whether the jewelry is meant for you or as a gift to a loved on, Pandora app is the right way to go about it.

The Pandora app will work seamlessly with any Android device. You can find the app on the android playstore where over a million users have also downloaded it. The app has a beautiful and interactive interface that makes jewelry shopping a hobby for you. You can list whatever jewelry you currently own on the Pandora Club; this will eliminate it from the options it provides when in search of a new piece.

3. WizeGem

It touts itself as the first ever 3D online jewelry shop. Customization is the strength of this Jewelry android app. According to data available, over 22,000 users are using the Wizegem app to design their jewelry across 200 countries. You can choose from over 500 design options to craft your jewelry. Wizegem allows you to mix and combine designs and bring out what you consider to be the best.

Even without any form of jewelry design experience, you’ll feel like a professional while using Wizegem. Whether you want to be a jewelry designer or a retailer, Wizegem gives you the platform to imagine and create.

4. Kay Jewelers App

Famed as the Number One specialty jewelry brand of the United States, the app offers an insight into the offline store and ability to make choices from the app online. Imagine shopping for jewelry right from your smartphone, that’s the experience Kay Jewelers intend to achieve. The intuitive user interface of the Android app makes it easy to choose what you consider best for you.

Kay Jewelers app allows you even to be able to determine your ring size with the fantastic ring sizer of the app. Just choose and purchase all from your app, you don’t have to visit a physical Kay Jeweler store. If you feel there’s a need to be at a physical store, the android app has an inbuilt store locator for that purpose.

5. Jared The Galleria of Jewelry App

Coming as the last doesn’t make it the least. It’s even one of our favorites as it is a perfect android app that does more than just jewelry. Are you planning to put a ring on the fingers of that special person? Jared android app will make it easy to create the surprise proposal without giving anything out.

Through the app, ring size can be determined, and payment can be made. If you are unsure of which beautiful piece to settle for amidst the hundreds available, add it to your wishlist and make a choice afterward.