poison ringsThere are so many secrets all around us, even hidden in everyday objects. People have secret drawers hidden in their tables and dressers. They hide things of value inside holes cut in book pages. Some people might go as far as having a secret basement in their house. Jewelry can keep a secret just as well as anything else, and it is much less suspicious. Jewelry like this allows the wearer to show off the perfect accessory that just so happens to be functional as well. Secret compartment jewelry has been around for a long time and they have been used for both good and bad reasons. Perfumes, locks of hair, and ashes of loved ones have been stored in different types of memento jewelry like “funeral” rings. On the other hand, poison rings have a hollowed-out space on the inside where people would store poison with which they would use to kill their enemies.

Queen Elizabeth I wore a locket ring all the time. After she died, the ring was opened, and they found out it contained a picture of herself and the woman thought to be her mother Anne Boleyn. Throughout the years following this, especially during the Civil War, secret jewelry was worn to represent love and protection. This was especially true for those who kept personal objects belonging to a loved one who was off at war hidden in their jewelry. This type of jewelry had real sentimental value for many people. Before the 1930s, many people found it rude to check their watches in public. It implied that they were in a hurry and did not want to stay around any longer. To help solve this problem, jewelers started making secret watches with fashionable covers that protected the dial. These watches looked like a normal bracelet, but they offered women the ability to wear a watch in secret so no one would find them rude.

Some of the most well-known pieces of secret jewelry were created by the House of Fabergé in Russia. The first Fabergé egg, created in 1885, was made for Alexander III, as an anniversary surprise for his wife. Inside the egg was a solid gold yolk, and under that was a golden hen with rubies for eyes. The hen hid a chain necklace with a ruby pendant and a replica of the imperial crown made with diamonds and gold.

Over fifty more eggs were made after this one and they all contained different hidden treasures, such as portraits or spring flowers with diamonds. Fabergé has also created many smaller egg-shaped pendants with unique surprises found in each one. Today, more and more jewelers are learning about this idea of secret jewelry, and they want to make their own mark in this type of jewelry. Some of the most popular brands like Chanel, Boucheron, and Dior all have beautiful jewelry that contains their own hidden secrets, such as a concealed watch.

secret compartment jewelryJade Jagger has a necklace with a bullet pendant that can store small personal items. Brandes makes two different rings. One portrays a taxi on the outside and a person hailing a taxi on the inside. The other shows an elephant on the outside and a man being crushed on the inside. The outside of the Juana pendant is a simple heart, but the inside shows a skull with rubies for eyes. Chanel has taken watches to a new level by hiding them in pendants hanging from a string of pearls. This unique piece of jewelry can work for any personality or style as it can easily transform into a bracelet as well. It can be dressed up or dressed down, but no matter what, it always looks good and you can always check the time.

The Italian jeweler Giampiero Bodino has also decided to make concealed watches. For the first collection, they created a whole series of timepieces. They hid the dials under several rows of diamonds to make sure people knew that, ultimately, they were bracelets. The goal was for no one to have any idea that the bracelet contained a hidden watch underneath the diamonds. Another watch has a rose made up of white and pink diamonds on top of the strap, which is also made of diamonds.

Pushing on a rosebud makes the flower open up to show the watch dial. People want jewelry that serves a function, aside from making a fashion statement. Many people in the last few years have purchased smartwatches because of the variety of functions they offer. Users can check the time, text, listen to music, and check their heart rate all from one piece of jewelry. Still, many others prefer a normal watch. If their watch can also serve as a unique piece of jewelry, that is an added bonus.

secret compartment jewelryIt is thought that people enjoy secret compartment jewelry so much because it is like opening a gift every time they wear it. When someone receives a gift, they are excited because they do not know what is inside. They have to unwrap the gift to find the surprise. With this type of jewelry and watch, the same idea is true. The real treasure is hidden where no one can see it, and only the owner knows about it.

Secret compartment jewelry offers a unique personal touch to any piece of jewelry. Although these pieces look beautiful on the outside, it is what it is hidden on the inside that make them truly special. Jewelry such as lockets and poison rings have been around for centuries, and there is no sign that these will go out of style any time soon. Every person has a unique reason for theirs, and it is hard to match that kind of sentimental value.