A CBD vape pen necklace can be a great gift for anyone that enjoys vaping CBD, as it will allow the person to carry his or her vape pen in a handy and aesthetic manner at the same time. So, if you really want to offer something that is going to be used, such a necklace can be a very inspired choice.

The person that will receive it will certainly enjoy it or you can always get one for yourself as well. To get an idea of what CBD vape pen necklaces you can find, here are some interesting and creative models available on Etsy.


This is the ideal CBD vape pen necklace for those that really enjoy handmade jewelry. As you can see, it’s not just a necklace for vape pens, but also for flash drives and other small items as well.

Every detail of this product is made by hand and it comes with a small button and fastening that will keep your vape pen in safety as you walk. 

This is a more elegant CBD vape pen necklace, as it is made out of leather and can even feature small pendants. So, while the crochet version may appear too casual, a leather option is more classic and distinct. Again, we are talking about a handmade item, something that can be seen in the stitches of the necklace, which are not machine-made.

But, after all, this is the charm of such a product. Those that embraced CBD vaping are people that are not afraid to look for alternatives and opt for a healthier and more natural lifestyle. This is why an item made out of leather is a great gift.

For those looking for something more modern, more urban, such a CBD vape pen necklace can be more suitable. This is a handmade item, its creator using various types of printed fabrics and utilizing leather cords to give the necklace strength as you wear it.

It is a nice accessory that offers a small pocket where you can place your vape pen when you are not using it so that it won’t end up being crushed in your bag or pockets.

This is another cute knitted CBD vape pen necklace that resembles more like a tiny sock for your vape pen, rather than a pocket. And when it is decorated with a small button or broach, it looks even more special.

The truth is that it will be a very discreet gift that can be worn at all times, even underneath the clothes if you want to be more discreet. You can even customize this necklace according to the size and shape of your CBD vape pen, making sure that it will fit it like a glove.