Jewelry is a vital part of dressing in the 21st century. Typically, it is related to women with cosmetic value but it is also increasing in popularity among men. Chains, watches, and necklaces are the most common accessories added on to enhance looks in both women and men. While it is increasing in popularity hence demand, which attributes to the high cost and booming business of jewelry, most people shy away from wearing the accessories. The misconceptions about jewelry and relating them to women are only justifications of shy and under exposed people. Stores like Etsy jewelry doesn’t push clients, they present a variety and best quality available in the market and leave the choice to you.

Some consider proper wearing of jewelry as a natural skill; etsy jewelry thinks otherwise, you can be guided from a novice to a pro in jewelry. We only need your time and commitment.

Here are a few tips on wearing different types of jewelry.


There is a lot about wearing necklaces; your body size with respect to height, breadth, skin shade, and neck length. Some people have long necks while others have short necks. Chest size and face design determines the type of necklace. Whether it should be gold or silver is another discussion level. If you are just starting on necklaces, consider the elements of your body. A necklace should be around 4 inches longer than height of your breasts; if you have a round face and long neck, a shorter necklace would be best. It is not about adding a chain on your blouse, necklaces have huge impact on your general look.


If you are a beginner and shopping at etsy jewelry, rigs won’t be recommended unless it is an engagement or wedding ring. Wearing rings for cosmetic value requires more confidence; while they are small metals on your finger, which can easily be hidden, they are conspicuous, especially if you wear them inappropriately. The standard rule is wearing one on every hand, it is easier if they are of the same metal shade; some people prefer to mix but you should be keen on the color blends with skin tone if you prefer different colors on two hands. You can easily be extreme with rings; two on one finger on each hand should be the limit unless you are marketing or a Hollywood celebrity.


A wristwatch is the best place to start with jewelry. It is a universal accessory; both women and men can enhance their looks with wrist watches. Also, watches can be worn on a daily basis; there is no much restriction and prejudice about watches. If you wear a watch to work, you seem serious and focused, on a golf sport, you look stylish, on a family outing, it still stylish. However, there are different types of watches based on strap fabric and material on the top. Leather straps and steel on the top is a universal look; you can wear it to church, go with it on a dinner date, it is also a casual look that blends well with denim and t-shirt. Plastic watches are for a sporty look; don’t put on a suit with a watch with plastic straps. All metal is considered official; you can do this with a suit.

The size of watch also influences your appearance; if you have a large wrist, you would better put on a big watch. A small size will likely sink in your flesh. Wrist size goes in line with body size; if you are slender, a big watch will look like a baggage.


Etsy stocks the best earrings; if you are confident enough to add on an accessory to your ear, this is the place to go. Men studs are also available; various sizes and designs. Earrings can be worn with jeans and with cocktail dress; they come in different colors and shapes as well as sizes. Earring depict culture; for instance, an African look is denoted by large earrings, you might want to consult and research extensively on different types of earrings and their meanings before settling on a particular type.

There is a lot to consider when choosing earrings before stepping out. For women, your hairstyle matters; whether you have short hair or pulling it back or letting it hang down the back, You don’t want to draw much attention in a negative way. If you have a round face, you might need to reconsider before picking up embellished earrings. Be sure you don’t look weighed down by earrings, the type of dress and occasion matters a lot.


It is obvious that you wear a bracelet with sleeveless clothes otherwise, it won’t make sense. Jewelry should be seen.

There is more to wearing jewelry than waking up and picking any chain to put on your neck or wrist. It is important to learn of wearing techniques with respect to blending colors with outfit and occasions. Gaining confidence to buy jewelry is one thing, learning how to wear jewelry is another. This is why you should shop at etsy jewelry because it is not only about selling the best quality and appropriate types and colors for you but also sharing tips on how to wear the jewelry.