Most gemstones are beautiful and valuable. Their value is usually derived from their beauty and rarity. But sometimes the history of a certain gemstone can greatly affect the value of it. Some gemstones have a hidden story behind them that make them more intriguing and meaningful.

  1. Rubies
  • Rubies derive their name from the Sanskrit word ‘ratnaraj’ or king of precious stones. It was thought that those who offered up a ruby to Lord Krishna could be reborn as an emperor.
  • Rubies are mentioned at least four times in the Bible and were almost always used to represent beauty and wisdom.
  • Many early cultures thought that rubies held the power of life because of the likeness in colour of blood.
  • Many of the European nobility thought rubies guaranteed good health, wealth, wisdom and success in love.

  1. Lapiz Lazuli
  • Lapiz Lazuli has always been associated with royalty and gods and is thought to have been the source of the name ‘royal blue’.
  • Egyptians thought the stone came from the heavens and provided protection in the afterlife. It was for this reason that they used the stone in many statues and jewellery.
  • During the Renaissance, Lapis was used by painters to make the ultramarine pigment which was commonly used to paint the skies and seas. They used to grind up the stone and use that to paint.
  1. Emerald
  • According to legend, one of the stones that King Solomon received was an emerald. This gift supposedly endowed the king with power over all of creation.
  • The Incans used emeralds in a lot of their jewellery and for rituals.
  • The Spanish who cared more about gold and silver used emeralds to trade for precious metals. In doing so, the stone made its way to Europe where people were enamoured by its beauty and majesty.
  • Emerald was also thought to help one see the future, reveal truths and ward off evil spirits.
  1. Opal
  • Opals get formed when small amounts of silica get deposited inside rocks.
  • They are considered to be one of the luckiest and most magical stones among them all. This is mainly due to the ability of opals to come in a wide range of colours.
  • According to Arabian Legends, Opal is said to have fallen from the sky in flashes of lightning.
  • In Greek mythology, Gyges found an opal ring which had the ability to turn him invisible. Opals are affiliated with the feelings of hope, purity and truth.

This some of the history behind these gemstones. Similarly, almost all gemstones have similar mythological or real life history which make them more than just a rare stone.