stash ringAmong celebrities, some vibrant talents have the knack for invention and creativity. Several designers have patents on the most amazing works of art you can imagine. This discovery leads us to understand what patented literature is, and some famous persons who have licenses for their creations. Marc Jacobs is a celebrity designer. He creates couture clothing under his Marc Jacobs line. Jacobs also designs mainstream fashion pieces for his line ‘Marc by Marc Jacobs’. Jacobs has yet another designer line under which he creates handbags, shoes, and purses. This line is called Marc by Marc Jacobs for Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs holds several patents for all his creati0ns, most of them being exclusive designs. However, his more complex and intricate pieces have a non-design patent.

Meet the Secret Stash Ring 
Marc Jacobs is the inventor of the secret compartment jewelry. This ring is created with compartments where the owners can hide things.  His current invention is a stash ring that has several hidden compartments to conceal small objects. This ring has many compartments and contains inner and outer parts that rotate in the opposite direction. Inside the ring are several nooks and spaces where people can store articles. These nooks can only be accessed when you remove the ring and rotate the parts to opposite directions until they reach alignment and reveal the secret compartments.

Why did Jacobs create the secret compartment jewelry?
It is essential to know about Marc Jacobs’ invention because it is not the first-ever of his kind. We had secret compartment jewelry in the past, but the old models were hardly suitable enough. The compartments were easy to discover as there wasn’t much creativity employed to keep them secret.  Marc Jacobs had a more creative idea for his stash rings. He planned to create a ring that can hold precious items comfortably. The downside to the previously created stash rings is that you could not store valuables such as diamonds and other small valuables. Also, from an outward inspection, it is easy to notice a hidden compartment that can also be opened with the ring on your finger.

stash ringIn a bid to correct and improve on these limitations to previous secret compartment jewelry, Jacobs created designer jewelry that also served as a safe to store valuables. An article in the Los Angeles Times speaks of Jacobs’ creation called the Rattle Ring. He created the design primarily to store loose gems, making it possible for celebrities such as Debbie Harry to carry extra ice around.

What more does Marc Jacobs’ Secret Stash ring need?
For people to store their valuables in this stash ring, customers will need a little more security from the ring. Opinions are that Jacobs should include extra protection seeing as people can access these compartments by merely rotating the closings. Additional security options like a combination code, fingerprint identification, or even a retina eye-scan.

No amount of security would be too much if people are going to put expensive and valuable items in their secret stash rings.