secret compartment jewelryIn truth, secret compartments jewelries are not a new trend and have served various purposes in earlier times, a hidden compartment could be a memento box for keeping properties and memories of loved ones like their ash, their perfumes, or smaller pictures. Secret compartment jewelry also served sinister motives; most tyrants used compartment rings and jewelry to hide poisons when they planned to poison their enemies.

The Theo Fennel story
Theo Fennel is an international jewelry manufacturing and retailing company. They manufacture virtually all styles of rings from oval, stacked, custom rings, secret compartment jewelry, and opening rings. Their products guided by their 40 years of experience are embodiments of their mission statements which states that

“..We want the thought and care we put into our designs to shine through to our products…”

Opening Rings for you
Here below are ranging examples of opening rings you can try from Theo Fennels:

Black Diamond Opening Night Ring
The black opening diamond ring mystifies with a 0.82 cut diamond featured on top of an opening compartment, surrounded by 0.82-carat pave ruby & 1.21carat pave diamond placed on a 24 carat yellow gold.

You can purchase this beautiful piece for £ 35,000

Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Beees Ring
As revealed by the name, this piece of beauty contains a bee shaped 0.10-carat black diamond & 0.13-carat yellow sapphire shaped placed on a ring made of 18carat yellow and white gold.

This beauty goes for as low as £ 2,950.

opening ringsYellow Gold & Diamond railing ring
Shaped in rails, this ring contains 18 carats yellow Gold lined with 0.80-carat white diamond railings with open gate and dog. The look is as exquisite as the railings in a palace. This particular ring gives off your boldness and flare with designs.

This crafted piece goes for £ 4,950


Jewel Box Ring – Yayun Fang
This Asian themed piece consists of a jewel box (compartment ) placed on top of a ring; the compartment jewel box itself is made from 2.80ct sapphire& Enamel placed on top of a ring made from sterling silver & Gilt.

This ring will give you a dominating and flashy look, and it goes for £6,500

Igloo opening ring
The ring is crafted in a traditional setting; it is made from 18ct white gold, 0.39ct diamond & 3.19ct Rock crystal. This ring will stand you out wherever you are with its fashionable crystal and rock compartments.

This ring goes for £14,950
Theo Fennel also provides numerous more styles and designs for Opening Rings and you should visit them today.

Why you should rock with Opening rings
Over the years, different styles of rings have materialized and have dominated the fashion trends. But the opening rings vogue always stands out. They never seem to go out of trend, and always come out with stronger designs to compete for the trends.

opening ringsEasy to slip on
Since opening rings have one or more parts that do not connect, this means they can be expanded to fit the fingers. This can make them easier to slip on than any other styles of rings

Blend with any form of clothing
You don’t need special clothes to look cool with opening rings; instead, you need more rings to flaunt your different styles. Examples of styles include the Tsavorite Oval Ring, Pink topaz oval sweet pea ring

Personalize your style
In conclusion, opening rings can be personalized to a specific style or a mixture of two or more designs. Nothing speaks better of your taste and fashion style as customized open rings.