Poison is a very powerful substance we are all familiar with and its potency can be dangerous to the extent of causing human death. But do you know it can be applied in a lot of ways? Yes, and in fact, one of such ways is through the use of a ring. A poison ring is a kind of ring with a secret compartment under or inside the bezel that could be used to hold poison or any other substance. The poison ring gained a lot of popularity during the 16th century in Europe. The ring was used to either slip poison into the food or drink of an enemy, or to ensure the suicide of the wearer so as to avoid being captured or tortured.

A very good example of this poison ring is one which Bulgarian archaeologists unearthed not so long ago. It is a medieval bronze ring that was likely used to facilitate political murders around 700 years ago. The ring was discovered at the site of a former fortress of the middle ages in Cape Kaliakra, near the Black Sea coastal town of Kavarna located in the northeast of Bulgaria. It is a uniquely designed ring that was most likely worn on the right hand’s little finger, typically by a male. The poison ring was not the only thing found at the time.poison ring

The scientists also unearthed over 30 gold earrings and rings with different kinds of Jewel that all date back o the 14th century. The discovery which was made in 2011 put into perspective a lot of facts about many practices in the medieval times, with one of them being the application of poison through the use of a ring

When Bonnie Petrunova who was the head of the dig and deputy director, National Archaeology Institute and Museum in Sofia was consulted, he had a lot to say about the ring. He explained how unique the ring was in the Whole of Bulgaria. It had a secret compartment for storing the substance and was unparalleled in terms of potency. In fact, many people think it must have been the secret weapon used to commit a lot of murders in the 14th century.

It is believed to have been worn at a period when the capital of the Dobruja region’s principality was Kaliakra. It also probably played a huge role in the fight between Dobrotitsa, who was the ruler of the independent Despotate of Dobrudja and his son Ivanko Terter in the second half of the 14th century. According to Bonnie Petruvona, the poison ring was not worn every time. It was only worn any time it was needed.poison ring

He also believed the poison ring’s secret compartment was made in a way that it could be covered by a finger and it was typically worn on the right hand. It is highly likely that this ring originated from Italy or Spain as Bulgarian principalities had trade relations with them and it was definitely used for several political murders.